Geemarc CL7100 infrarot TV Kinnbügel-Zusatzkopfhörer für den CL7100

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Introducing the latest product in our diverse range of products. This is the Wireless Infra Red headset, as an additional headset for the CL7100 Infra Red headset.This headset, including the controls and integrated battery, weighs in at a light 60grams, this allowing you to wear this device comfortably for hours at a time. The headset incorporates volume and tone settings that you can adjust, providing you with great quality monaural sound up to a cracking 125 dB! No need to swap out batteries here, at least 10 hours listening time from a full 3 hour charge will allow you to listen to your favourite TV show or radio station at your preferred sound level, without upsetting your next door neighbours or others in your home. The unique extra springy headset arms allow you to open the headset wide to place on your head.The main charging station comes with two slots for the headsets to be charged, so with no configuration setting changes, merely slot the additional headset into the additional headset will be ready for use in seconds! (Of course only after it?s initial 3 hours charge that is).What is in the box? We provide 2 sets of rubber ear pads, a small tuning key for balance adjustment (if it does need adjusting) an instruction manual and the very important headset. A great way to listen to TV or the radio at the sound level you want to listen to without annoying the neighbours or the rest of the family in the home. Up to 4 headsets can be paired to each base.


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